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Mr. Gu-Liang Lai, the founder of Gu Wang Foods Co., Ltd., inherited the traditional brew and fermentation method during his childhood. In 1952, he established Sin Cia Li Soy Sauce Company, which then produced soybean soy sauce and black bean soy sauce for twenty years. In the 70’s, some large enterprises started producing acid-hydrolyzed soy protein soy sauce (also called chemical soy sauce) to avoid time-consuming brewing process and reduce production costs. Facing the change in the industry, Mr. Lai insisted on the principle of providing soy sauce and fermented pickles with traditional brewed methods.

In 1981, owing to increasing sales demands and insufficient factory space, the company was relocated to Linnei Township, Yunlin County, which is reputed for its quality water and great environment. At that time, vegetarianism was becoming popular in Taiwan because of religious reasons. However, the varieties of vegetarian products were very limited. In order to offer vegetarians more dietary options and enjoyment, the company was devoted to developing a series of vegetarian seasonings and canned food. The first product the company created was “Vegetarian Satay Sauce”, the first vegetarian satay sauce ever in the world. Created by the company’s founder using many natural ingredients such as kelp and mushrooms to add nutrition to the sauce, enriching the flavor with valuable Chinese herbs and spices and applying special culinary methods at the time, “Gu Wang Vegetarian Satay Sauce” was considered very innovative and thus, granted patent for 15 years to honor the founder’s efforts in innovation. With Mr. Lai’s passion for serving the vegetarian population, the company cut down the non-vegetarian product lines and converted the factory into a purely vegetarian manufacturing plant. Over the 60 years, we created many vegetarian delicacies such as Spicy Broad Bean Paste, Mushroom Tsukudani, Seaweed Paste, Vegetarian BBQ Sauce, and many others.

The company went global in the 80’s and expanded to oversea markets such as Southeast Asia, Central and South Americas, the United States, and Canada. Gu Wang Company is determined to create more delicious and healthy products to serve customers throughout the world. We wish to help to make vegetarianism an easy choice for everyone.