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Organic Mirin

Ingredients:Organic Glutinous Rice (Taiwan), Organic Japonia Rice (Taiwan), Water, Organic Sugar (Brazil).
Shelf Life:2 Years

Product Categories: Organic Series
This product is preservative free, please refrigerate after opening.
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【Taiwan 1st 100% Pure and Organic Mirin】

Organic Mirin is used as natural sweetner for the dish. It is widely used in Japanese dishes to enhance flavor, reduce odour and add depth to the dish. This product is organic certified.

  • V 100% Pure
  • V Organic Certified
  • V Smooth Sake-like Taste, Perfect Mock-tail Base. 
  • V No Artificial Additive.
  • V No Preservative.
  • V No Alcohol Added
  • V Vegan

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