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All Natural Pure Miso Soup Base

Ingredients:Organic Soy Bean(Non-GMO), Organic Rice, Water, Mirin(Water, Rice, Sugar), Sugar, Salt, Licorice, Kelp Juice, Glutinous Rice Powder, Yeast Extract.
Shelf Life:2 Years

Product Categories: All Natural Series
※This product is preservative free, please refrigerate after opening.
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This miso soup base is created to help making miso soup convenient. A miso soup can be made with a bowl of hot water. Moreover, with the liquid texture, it can be used to make miso hotpot soup base, miso ramen, miso dipping sauce, miso soup, miso BBQ sauce, miso salad dressing, etc.

V Using Top Quality (Whole) Rice
V Convenient
V 100% Naturally Fermented
V Complete Fermentation 
V No Artificial Additives or Preservatives