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Plum Soya Sauce Paste

Ingredients:Soy Sauce(Water, Soy Bean(Non-GMO), Salt, Wheat), Water, Mirin(Water, Rice, Sugar), Plum Juice, Sugar, Glutinous Rice, Salt, Natural Licorice, Yeast Extract.
Shelf Life:3 Years

Product Categories: All Natural Series
This product is preservative free, please refrigerate after opening.
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Plum Soya Sauce is a mixture of naturally fermented plum juice, Chinese herbs, and soy sauce, with a hint of acidity, plum soya sauce series tastes best when used in the cold dish and Asian Style Salad. 

Plum Soya Sauce Paste is best for making stir-fried rice, fried tofu, soup base, tofu salad and simply as a dipping sauce.

V All Natural

V No Artificial Flavoring

V No Artificial Coloring 

V No Preservatives